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Past MO Project Youth Convenings

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CANFIT’s MO Project Youth Convening is an interactive, culturally relevant training designed for youth to use media as a way to advocate for healthy eating and physical activity changes in their community. This project is the only one of its kind - a day where youth from all over the state can make videos and learn interactively through media how to get involved in improving the health of their community. . MO Project provides peer support; networking opportunities; and skill-building in nutrition, physical activity, built environments, communication, messaging and advocacy. MO Project has successfully engaged over 500 youth in communities across California. Get Workshop Details.

Past MO Project Youth Convenings:

*Merced March 14, 2009- Livingston Medical Group

*Chula Vista March 21, 2009- Community Health Improvement Partners

*Kettleman City March 28, 2009- California State University, Fresno Foundation, CCROPP

*Santa Ana August 14-15, 2009- Latino Health Access

*Richmond November 7, 2009- Neighborhood House of North Richmond, West County HEAL Collaborative

*Bakersfield December 5, 2009- California State University, Fresno Foundation, CCROPP

*Stanislaus January 9, 2010- Stanislaus County Health Services Agency in Modesto

*Long Beach January 23, 2010- Families in Good Health, St. Mary's Medical Center

Check out a MO Project Convening from Richmond, CA:

"I was amazed at the level of engagement among young people in attendance. Regardless of age, color, and ethnic background, these youth were eager to connect and converse over health issues. Watching young people debate over how un-supervised, un-maintained parks could increase neighborhood crime, I saw the light in the eyes and hearts of these strong-willed young folks." Read the full article Richmond Youth Take Health in Their Own Hands from YO!Youth Outlook Magazine.

Host a MO PROJECT Youth Convening:

CANFIT partners with community or youth serving programs to organize and host the MO Project Regional Youth Convening. To discuss options to get a MO Project Youth Convening in your community, contact CANFIT at 510- 644-1533 or email Quick links: Get MO Project Convening Details MO Project Youth Media Contest View Photo Albums Contact CANFIT Back to Table of Contents